140559 - ERIN, single family audio doorphone set, 2-wire, code lock, RFID, white


ERIN audio doorphone set is perfect solution for single-family houses. If you want a high level of security and comfortable access management to your property, then ERIN will be an ideal choice.

The outdoor unit and even the electric door strike are powered from the uniphone, so an additional power supply is not required and therefore no need to run wires through the entire garden. The simple and quick installation of the set is possible, thanks to a reduced number of wires leading to the gate or wicket - only two wires are required for the installation, so it is possible to use a bell wiring for this purpose. The uniphone also enables remote control of the wicket, gate and even the electric door strike: a keypad supporting PIN codes enables easy entry, while the RFID proximity system supporting 13.56MHz cards and key tags facilitates the use of the intercom, and allows independent control of the wicket and secure access management for householders or authorised users. In addition, the electric door strike can be powered directly from the outdoor unit. The device's memory allows up to 200 key tags to be encoded.

The outdoor unit is splash-proof and weatherproof, with an IP65 rating, ensuring peace of mind for

years of use. It is also important to note the dimensions - the outdoor unit is narrow, which will allow it to be mounted even on a small fence post or in a small recess.

Designed for installation in the home or flat, the uniphone is made of high-quality plastic that is aesthetically pleasing, dirt-resistant and durable, and is designed to hang on the wall. ERIN's design is simple and classic, making it integrate well with the décor of almost any interior, and the handset is sturdily suspended and very portable. The device offers a number of conveniences, such as a three-stage volume control and the possibility to mute the ringer for a child's nap.

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    140559 - ERIN, single family audio doorphone set, 2-wire, code lock, RFID, white

    159.20 € 159.20000000000002 EUR 159.20 €

    199.00 €