140578 - TALOS, video doorphone set, 4-wire, 7", Wi-Fi, RFID reader, touch screen


The TALOS video-doorphone set is designed for individual users, small businesses and institutions. The devices are characterised by an intuitive 4-wire connection, which enables easy self-assembly and reduces the number of cables leading to the wicket. Thanks to the Wi-Fi functions and remote control, it is possible to operate the video doorphone from anywhere in the world via the popular and recognised smart home platform, Tuya.

The Tuya Smart app, available for mobile devices, allows you to easily connect to your home equipment and manage access to your property and building.

The TALOS outdoor unit offers 2MP, 1920x1080, 1080p color camera images and a wide viewing angle of 112° horizontally - providing a full view in front of the wicket. The night-lighting function ensures visibility in the dark without dazzling the visitor and without signalling the connection. The RFID reader allows easy entry to the property for authorised persons, and the low-current electric strike (max. 500mA) is powered directly from the outdoor unit, so no additional power supply is needed for the wicket, resulting in fewer wires running through the garden.

A motion sensor in the outdoor unit allows recording of photos/videos when motion is detected (microSD card). The outdoor unit is IP65-rated, made of high-quality aluminium and has a rain cover.

The monitor has a large and clear touchscreen for simple and fast navigation. Talos is a model with a memory function that records events while you are away or during a call - the internal memory is sufficient to store 30 images. As an option, you can use the SD card reader, which gives you the option of activating the record function (movies) and increasing the capacity for storing photos, or you can upload your own favourite melodies as the sound of an incoming call - default there are 6 basic melodies to choose from. In addition, a 4-stage volume control (including total mute) adapts the device to the user's needs.

The device also has the functions of a weather station, digital frame and answering machine.

It is also expandable with up to 3 additional monitors, an additional outdoor unit and 2 additional CCTV cameras to create a bigger entrance control and monitoring system, even with two home entrances and a multi-storey building. An additional facility is the intercom function, which allows connections between others monitors, facilitating communication in large buildings, e.g. between floors (function possible with additional monitors).

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    140578 - TALOS, video doorphone set, 4-wire, 7", Wi-Fi, RFID reader, touch screen

    364.00 € 364.0 EUR 364.00 €

    455.00 €