140968 - AQUATIC PRO IP 55 Double socket 2x2P+E, grey/graphite


The Aquatic Pro, is a series designed for the most demanding users, characterised by a robust, sealed construction, a simple, universal design and a protection level for dust and spill resistance - IP55.

Internally, the Aquatic is fitted with rubber sealing elements, externally it is composed of solidly fitted components made of quality flexible plastic, which is resistant to impact and fading.

A double French-type, surface-mounted 2P+E socket will ensure safe access to the power supply - even if the room is not fully refurbished - the high level of dust and moisture resistance, guaranteed by IP55, will allow you to use the equipment without worry.

The Aquatic Pro is also an aesthetically pleasing design that blends in with commercial interiors or industrial spaces. The series includes single-pole switches, two-button switches, single and double sockets, socket sets, doorbell buttons with and without illumination, and shutter switches.

The wide selection of components makes it easy to complete uniform equipment even for large installations.

The series is in a grey-graphite colour scheme.

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    140968 - AQUATIC PRO IP 55 Double socket 2x2P+E, grey/graphite

    13.04 € 13.040000000000001 EUR 13.04 €

    16.30 €