140946 - AQUATIC MINI IP54 Switch + Socket 2P+E, white/black


Aquatic Mini, is the sister brand of the classic Aquatic designed for special tasks.

Due to its small size, it is suitable for use wherever space is at a premium and protection against dust and water jets is required - the Aquatic features protection class IP54.

The accessories in this range consist of sockets and switches, providing the comfort of assembling components for an entire room or even building with a consistent aesthetic.

The double accessory, which includes an integrated switch and a 2P+E single socket, is a convenient solution for small areas.

The Aquatic Mini 2P+E single socket is the simplest, basic variant of electrical sockets. It is small, so it will fit into tight recesses or on a narrow section of wall. The included switch, on the other hand, will allow you to conveniently control the lighting.

In addition, the MINI series offers an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in with both commercial and industrial interiors. Well-fitted switch buttons and housing elements ensure safe use for a long time. French type socket, in white and black color.

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    140946 - AQUATIC MINI IP54 Switch + Socket 2P+E, white/black

    6.72 € 6.72 EUR 6.72 €

    8.40 €