147068-Extension sockets 5x 2P+E, 5m H05VV-F 1x1.5mm2, Imax=16A, black


Extension sockets are practical devices that you should always have at hand. They are used to extend the availability of electricity in places far away from a mains socket and can also be used as a splitter. They enable several devices to be connected to a single power source at the same time.

Use the extension socket successfully on your desk, for your computer, Christmas tree lights or during spring cleaning. Use your devices safely and easily wherever you want.

The 5-way extension cable, is an easy-to-use and safe solution for offices and households. The product in black, equipped with: 5 French-type mains sockets (2P+E),H05VV-F 3x1.5 mm2 cable, length 5 m, flat plug with a comfortable handle, safety shutters, convenient hanger if you need to hang the device e.g. on the wall, PVC insulation.

In addition, the extension socket has an IP20 protection level (for indoor use) and is made to minimise accidental and unwanted access to dangerous parts of the device, such as children.

The flat plug allows the extension cable to be plugged in easily and also prevents accidental damage, bending or breaking of the cable, even where space is limited. It is also easy to push the furniture up against the wall. A comfortable handle allows you to hold it, easily unplug or plug it into a power source.

The device is suitable for a maximum load of 3680W (model without switch). You will find the Virone extension sockets in two practical colors: black and white.

Check out other variants of extension sockets - with a different cable length, number of sockets, with an on/off switch or in a different colour.

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    147068-Extension sockets 5x 2P+E, 5m H05VV-F 1x1.5mm2, Imax=16A, black

    16.44 € 16.44 EUR 16.44 €

    20.55 €